These Meghan Markle hiking shoes that panicked her fans during the coronation

These Meghan Markle hiking shoes that panicked her fans during the coronation

The pair of shoes worn by Meghan Markle has been “sold out” on online sales sites. merrell

Absent from the coronation of King Charles III, the Duchess of Sussex did not remain locked up in her mansion in Montecito. She discreetly bet on the “Meghan effect“.

Let’s go back to the first weekend of May, which we could see in a certain way as “two rooms, two atmospheres”. And two locker rooms, with social media hype. So there was the coronation of King Charles III, and the grand release of outfits loaded with symbols. Then there was Meghan Markle’s walk in walking gear in the hills of Montecito, California, after Prince Harry’s express return home. While the royal family parades, dressed with ornaments, scepter and crowns; 8,550 kilometers away, the former actress steps out in leggings, a straw hat and hiking boots. An image that obviously tends to show that far from the cheering crowds and balcony salutes, life for the Sussexes simply goes on. And remains, against all odds, provided with theMeghan effect», or this famous potential to change the course of a brand, eminently challenged at the time of the spotlights trained on the British royal family.

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Queen influence

Because, good news for the ego of the duchess recluse on the heights of Hollywood: her power of influence does not weaken. Her little jaunt might have resulted in nothingness, or at best, a descent on the Panama hat or sunglasses she was sporting, but it was her hiking boots that crystallized the attention, causing a stir with her fans. A few hours after the paparazzade, the pair of Merrell, apricot coffee color which was at his feet (sold 150 euros), quickly found themselves “sold out» (sold out) on online sales sites. Proof that the economic repercussions are still going strong for the Sussexes, even far from the royal family. And proof too, that a picture is worth 1000 words. Like those who would say that we ignore with a smile what is happening on the other side of the Atlantic by leading a perfectly “ordinary” life, or those who would play the little publicity stunt card for to flatter the ego… The temptation is great to answer that this photo is all of these things at the same time.

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