To boost weight loss, have 2 eggs for breakfast!

To boost weight loss, have 2 eggs for breakfast!

While eggs are often recommended as part of a diet, one study suggests that consuming 2 of them in the morning would boost weight loss.

As part of sports or traditional diets, eggs are one of the essential foods. In fact, they offer lower protein intake than the meats and other substitutes consumed. But they provide the necessary dose for the proper functioning of the body without impacting our weight.

In addition, they allow a wide variety of preparations and gourmet recipes. Moreover, a study published in 2022 revealed that the more people ate eggs, the more their BMI decreased and therefore they lost weight. But when should you eat eggs?

The answer depends on everyone’s desires, but also on the results of numerous studies. And a new study by a team from Saint Louis University brings new practice. According to them, we should consume two of them every morning to increase our chances of losing weight.

The alliance of eggs but also of a low-calorie diet to lose weight

The study in question was published in the International Journal of Obesity. To determine whether the food had an influence on BMI, the researchers called on 4 groups of volunteers:

  • The first followed a low calorie diet and was consuming 1,000 calories less than recommended. They were also instructed to eat 2 eggs every morning
  • In a second group, the low calorie diet was also taxed. But they had been instructed to start the day with 2 bagels
  • Finally, the third and fourth group did not follow no specific dietary restriction. At breakfast, one ate eggs and the other bagels.

After 2 months, the researchers compared the BMIs and weights of all the participants. And it turns out that the first group following a low-calorie diet with eggs had the best results. Its volunteers recorded a lower BMI, but also a thinner waist circumference and a lower weight than all the other groups.

A habit already very present in Anglo-Saxon countries

The reflex to consume eggs for breakfast is not new in certain countries of the world. Moreover, the food is an integral part of the English Breakfast or the American breakfast. However, it is not enough on its own to lose weight. It must be combined with a balanced diet, regular physical activity and in this specific case a low-calorie diet.

Nevertheless, it remains advantageous at breakfast, for several reasons. The researchers point out that this food is very satiating and that it allows you to burn more calories at rest. If an adjustment period may be necessary, do not hesitate to add this food to your morning routine.

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