Top Chef: how production “destabilizes” the candidates in the pantry

Top Chef: how production “destabilizes” the candidates in the pantry

This Wednesday, May 17, 2023, M6 will broadcast a new issue of Top chef. The candidates will once again cook the best dishes in order to seduce the chefs using the foods placed in the pantry. A not-so-trivial pantry since production has set up “a trap” to destabilize the candidates as reported Tele-Leisure.

The noose is tightening for the candidates of Top chef. On Wednesday May 17, 2023, M6 will broadcast a new episode before the grand finale scheduled for Wednesday June 7, 2023. Last week, Canadian chef Jérémie Falissard left the adventure. A show in which he has gained a lot since he leaves with great memories, but also with new friendships in the heart, especially with his leader, Glenn Viel. In an interview given to HuffPost the day after his defeat, he confided that he had become very close to Michel Sarran’s replacement: “It was ultimately a very friendly relationship. We are of the same generation, with a few years difference. I really liked his natural leadership, his charisma and his culinary vision. We have a lot in common, even on humor and ways of thinking. You could say he became a friend”. The candidates will therefore try in this new episode to win their ticket for the quarter-finals, during which Danny will (finally) make his big comeback if he manages to eliminate the loser of the day.

New chefs will put candidates’ nerves to the test with ever more surprising challenges. They will be visited by Jordi Roca, who runs an elected restaurant “best restaurant in the world” with its incredible dish the “RainyForest”but also of a former emblematic candidate of Top chef, Adrian Cachot. The young chefs will therefore have to create a dish while staging a cause close to their hearts.

He there is a big trap set up by the production”

And before embarking on the preparation, they will rush to the pantry, Alibaba’s cave of good products. A key element of the game which actually hides its little secrets as explained by Romuald Graveleau, director of programs at Studio 89, which produces Top chefnear Tele-Leisure. He confessed that the production hid “a trap”in the pantry to “destabilize” the candidates: He there is a big trap set up by the production. It’s not a trap for the candidates, but sometimes it traps them. All the oils and all the condiments are placed in transparent jars, because we’re not allowed to show them on television and it’s prettier. So we repackage. But since we’re not cows, under each pot, there is a small label that indicates the contents. When the candidates land in Top Chef and they visit the set for the first time, they are told that they have to have the reflex to lift the jars and bottles. But in a rush, they don’t always do it and can be wrong. This requires candidates to search. No matter how much we repeat to them, sometimes they are destabilized because they are on track. They fall into their own trap because they want to go fast”. This is the reason why some still confuse sugar and salt…

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