We tested for you the low budget slimming menu of Croq'Kilos

We tested for you the low budget slimming menu of Croq’Kilos

Summer is coming, the swimsuit test is fast approaching…and like for all those who dread this moment, I need to get myself back in hand and lose the few extra pounds I’ve accumulated this winter to feel good about myself and totally at ease with my body! My goal: to find my weight of form, namely 55kg. I am today at 60kg, I measure 1m60 and I am 36 years old. I know the challenge won’t be easy, but it takes what it takes to feel good in your swimsuit!

So I jumped at the chance when the Croq’Kilos slimming program team, with whom we had already collaborated, offered to test their new special low-budget menu.

Before even starting, I was immediately seduced by the concept itself: “low budget menu”. While shopping without breaking the bank has become the national sport of the moment, the objective is not to explode our monthly budget to go on a diet. This new program is therefore totally adapted to the period.

The cost of the program itself is far from exorbitant, it will cost you €14.99 / month if you take the program month by month, if you take the annual subscription directly for example, the price then goes to 12€. But Fourchette et Bikini also gives you the benefit of a 60% promo code valid on all subscriptions with the code FOURCHETTE60which therefore costs you €4.8 per menu per month if you take the annual subscription, we are clearly on a great deal.

After gathering all my motivation, I started the low budget menu a month ago and here are my first feedbacks:

To carry out the program, I have downloaded the app which is rather well done and quite intuitive as my phone follows me everywhere… I have the recipes available, I find it more practical for me!

When I start a food rebalancing, I tend to break down quickly and the people around me are not always very helpful! I therefore join in parallel the self-help group Croq’kilos. And it’s a nice surprise! Croqueuses, as they are called, are benevolent! Between the sharing of advice, recipes, encouragement, we feel supported and fully motivated.

One of the many positives of the program: The time saver! Like everyone else, I run after time during the week, finding meal ideas becomes a torture, prepare the shopping list… let’s not talk about it. Result: I tend to make the same dishes every week for lack of time. Croq’kilos makes my life easier, the menu is already ready, if I don’t like some recipes I can select others easily, I just have to print the shopping list which is already ready and ‘left ! Another advantage of this menu, most meals are to be made for 2 days, which still saves me a lot of time.

Other positive points: The quality of recipes ! I enjoy making them, they are accessible to everyone and they are really excellent! I would still have appreciated a little more variety in terms of breakfasts and snacks, but that would have meant an extended shopping list…you have to know what you want…

I also really appreciate having the opportunity to ask questions to the dieticians on the private Facebook group. Little more to bring: an individualized exchange with the dieticians (by a chat service on the application for example).

To conclude, I am really convinced by the low budget menu of Croq’kilos which includes 3 important criteria for me: time saving, no feeling of frustration and especially with a small budget ! As I mentioned there are some small improvements to be made, but taking into account the monthly cost, the quality / price ratio is clearly unbeatable.

Small victory: I have already lost 2.5 kg without having had the feeling of depriving myself. I plan to continue by completing the subscription with the sports part of the program: https://www.croq-body.com/ which allows you to do sports at home, which I like, not being a big fan of gyms! There is also a -50% offer with the code SPORTMAIif you also take the annual subscription: the Croq’kilos + Croq’Body set costs you just under €9!

With all this, you no longer have any excuses not to take control!

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