Zurich-Bangkok with Swiss in Premium Economy

On the test bench! Premium Economy Swiss Zurich-Bangkok (Photo: Luc Citrinot)

Premium Economy Swiss

Flight LX180 on May 2, 2023 between Zurich and Bangkok.

Night flight lasting 10h30.

Terms of purchase

Upgrade purchased at the last minute at the price of 150 euros. However, this upgrade does not give the possibility of benefiting from an additional baggage allowance, free seat selection or priority access..

Possibility of select your seat for free 23 hours before departure flight staff.

At the airport

Zurich airport remains one of the most pleasant in Europe with a very substantial shopping offer including some 80 shops, restaurants and cafés – including an outdoor café. Very appreciable: the absence of security checks when transferring from Europe.

It is possible to buy an entry to one of the Swiss Business lounges from 49 CHF. Another very nice (and free) alternative. Intercontinental flights all depart from Pier E (Dock E). She is crowned by a free terrace where you can watch planes take off. A breath of fresh air before long hours of flight!

Asset: enjoy the terrace of Dock E in Zurich with the constant ballet of planes (Photo: LC)


Boarding is by number. Premium Economy passengers board after First and Business Class passengers.

The Premium Economy cabin

Premium Economy is not separated from traditional economy class. On the Zurich-Bangkok flight, it consists of three rows in a 2-4-2 configuration, making a total of 24 seats. The aircraft is a Boeing 777-300ER. Large boxes for storing luggage are available. The 2-4-2 configuration allows you to always be one seat maximum from the aisle. The atmosphere of the cabin is very “80s” with its dominant brown hues. This is expected to change with new cabin configurations planned for 2025 incorporating lighter hues.

  • hdrpl
  • Premium Economy seat in initial and lying position (Photos: LC)

Seat Feature

The seat seems a little narrow (46 cm) but benefits froma space between rows of 99 cm. The seat has two adjustment knobs: one for the seat recline at 31°, comfortable enough for sleeping. On the flight, the reclined position proved a bit difficult to find without help from the cabin crew. The second button raises a legrest. One of the main drawbacks of the seat is the lack of a footrest which does not allow you to fully relax your legs. A bag can however compensate for this absence!

The chair incorporates a headrest with four positions as well as a night reading light. A large retractable or hidden tablet in the armrest, a 39.5 cm (15.6 inch) video screen and two USB sockets complete the layout of the seat. A small pillow, a blanket, a bottle of water and a toiletry kit (toothbrush, eye mask and earplugs in a recycled newspaper box) are available. On the other hand, no press is offered.

the toilet kit in Premium Economy (Photo: LC)

In-flight service

Before take-off, the staff offers a sparkling elderberry drink. Hostesses and stewards are available without being overly friendly or talkative. The on-board service consists of two meals.

The plane leaves Zurich on time. 15 minutes after takeoff, the staff distributes menus specific to Premium Economy. It consists of a salad, three main courses of your choice, two pieces of cheese with two bread rolls and a passion fruit mousse cake with chocolate. One of the main dishes highlights a Swiss specialty (Swiss Taste of Switzerland). On the Zurich-Bangkok, it was a veal sausage with wine sauce, rösti and green beans (chosen dish).

One of the dishes is vegetarian – macaroni in a soy bolognese – and a “passe-partout” dish (chicken breast in a creamy herb sauce with pasta and broccoli). One hour after the flight, the catering service begins.

The wine list offers three choices: sparkling wine from Veneto, a white Chasselas from Romandie (chosen wine), and red wine Route de Pays d’Oc. Five aperitifs, an Appenzell beer and soft drinks are also on the menu.

The main course was tasty, the Geneva white wine a little green, the dessert excellent. I noted the absence of mustard or sauces to accompany the meat. Very significant: the dishes are served in porcelain and benefit from metal cutlery!

During the flight, the staff regularly offers water.

Two hours before landing, a classic but hearty breakfast is served. It consists of an omelette, croissant and bread, yoghurt, fruit salad and coffee or tea. No second drink service – except on request. A chocolate is offered before landing…

It is possible to order a special menu up to 24 hours in advance (vegetarian, halal or Hindu for example).

  • “Swiss Taste of Switzerland” dinner and breakfast (Photos: LC)
  • rhdr


No specific toilets for Premium Economy. The places are spacious and very clean (Switzerland oblige!). A moisturizing hand lotion is available.

In-flight entertainment

The video offer is plethoric with around a hundred films, series, documentaries and around twenty radio channels. It is also possible to follow the route of the plane or to find out about the destinations on arrival.

Wifi is also available against payment. The prices vary between 9CHF and 59CHF depending on the number of MB. However, Internet access to Swiss services remains free.


Arrival in Bangkok very slightly in advance with direct docking at the terminal. Baggage delivery is effective after 25 minutes.


A good on-board product with different features from a classic economy class. The comfort of the chair is below the initial expectation, due in particular to the absence of a footrest. We may regret the absence of partition with the traditional economy class.

On the other hand, the on-board catering is of high quality and the entertainment program very comprehensive. All in all, this is excellent value for money for a last minute upgrade at 150 euros!

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