Here’s what we should all do after we finish eating!

We don’t think enough about doing this simple thing, which should be systematic, after our meals. This is obviously the digestive walk! If you knew all the benefits it can bring you, you probably wouldn’t neglect it so often…

Recently, we saw why you shouldn’t sleep right after a meal and why you shouldn’t eat in front of a screen. Are you also a little fed up with all these things that it would be better to avoid doing…? We understand you! This is why, this time, this article turns to the good behavior to be adopted as aencouragement rather than restriction.

Eating, we do it several times a day, every day of our lives (or almost). It is the essential means of feeding the complex machine that is the human body, so it has a huge influence on us and our health… So, it’s better to do it correctly and to adopt the good reflexes as often as possible !
Among these good habits to adopt, we find in particular the fact of eating vegetables more often, drinking more water, or simply eating more slowly.

Today, we are looking at this very simple action which consists to walk 10 to 15 minutes after meals. While the after-dinner walk may seem pointless, you’ll find that it can, in fact, make all the difference !

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The benefits of walking after eating

There best thing what you can do after a meal, especially if it is heavy, isgo walking. No need to go around the world, 10 to 15 minutes enough to take advantage of benefits ! So, if the weather isn’t too bad, don’t hesitate to go for a walk, it’s free!

  • For your heart and cardiovascular system:

Getting into the habit of going for a walk 15 minutes after meals is a physical exercise additional during the day, where we sometimes spend our time sitting for hours; in the office, in the car, on the sofa, etc… Daily walking does not require any particular effort and it brings a lot of things! It therefore maintains the good heart healthin particular by promoting the traffic and the blood pressure.

  • To improve your digestion:

Walking has many other benefits, such as being anti-inflammatory. It will target visceral fat and reduce it through metabolic changes in lipids and glucose. As a result, walking makes it possible to attenuate or even completely eliminate the bloatingTHE nauseaTHE stomach pains and all that is unpleasant after eating too much or eating too much fat. That’s not all, in stimulating the digestive organswalking will allow a better digestion food, in absorbent better the substances!

  • To lower your blood sugar:

Have a rate of blood sugar (blood sugar) too high causes fatigue, hunger, thirst, and even blurred vision. To limit symptoms as much as possible, especially in diabetics, digestive walking is effective. It lowers blood sugar levels for about 24 hours, a good reason for theintegrate into daily life !

  • To reduce stress:

Sometimes the simple act of making a cut in the middle or at the end of the day going for a walk will do the greater good. After lunch, this break can allow you to better concentrate for the rest of the day and after the evening meal, it can help you sleep better!
To go for a walk is to take time for yourselfFor relax, to take some fresh air. You can take the opportunity to walk your dog if you have one, listen to music or just the noise of life.

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