Is Preheating the Oven Really Necessary?

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Preheating the oven has almost become automatic before each use. But, is it really necessary? We go around the question.

On the cooking recipes, we can notice a time dedicated to the preheating of the oven which can vary around 10 minutes. By dint of turning on the oven some time before use has become a reflex for many people. But do you really know What’s the point and if it is really useful ?

It makes you wonder if leaving the oven to heat up in a vacuum is really necessary and profitable compared to theenergy it consumesfrom a point of view economic And ecological… To finally get to the bottom of it, we decided to devote this article to the subject!

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What’s the point of preheating the oven?

Preheating the oven makes it possible to cook preparations at already high temperature And constant. It can be useful in several circumstances:

  • To allow better growth of preparations that contain yeast (pizza, cakes, etc.)
  • For searing preparations such as meats or vegetables that need to be exposed to high temperatures to brown on the surface
  • To blow a preparation or prevent the food from releasing too much of its water and giving a liquid result…
  • To prevent food from drying out too much in the oven before cooking (for lasagna, for example)

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When should or shouldn’t it be preheated?

It is not because the preheating of the oven is indicated on a recipe that it is obligatory! In addition to characterizing a save energy and moneyskipping the preheating stage can also be a time saving.

You do not have to preheat the oven for this type of preparation:

However, it will be necessary to preheat it for these:

  • pastries that need to rise (brioches, madeleines, etc.)
  • bread, pizza
  • red meats (beef, pork, lamb, etc.)
  • the vegetables
  • puff pastry preparations

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Our tips for saving energy with your oven

Cooking still represents a good part of our total electricity consumption (estimate around 14%). Preheating the oven too long and too often can sometimes doublesee our energy consumption triple… loss considerable.
So, to avoid spending too much energy and making savingshere are some tricks which you might find useful:

  • Remove unused baking sheets from the oven. when you switch on the oven, as they slow down the heating rate of the oven and thus consume more electricity.
  • The oven stays hot for quite a while after it stops, use it! Depending on the temperature and the dish, you can turn off the oven 15 minutes before the end of the cooking time.
  • Cook as often as possible with the hotplatesbecause they consume 4 times less energy than the oven.
  • Avoid opening the oven every 2 minutes to check the cooking of your preparation, because it loses degrees of heat and requires more energy from your oven.

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