Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire: the adventurers eliminated swing on the residence of the final jury

Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire: the adventurers eliminated swing on the residence of the final jury

Once eliminated from Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire, the adventurers go to the residence of the final jury. And the atmosphere is far from festive, as explained by several candidates to Puremédias.

The last straight line of Koh-Lanta, the sacred fire, began. Now that the adventurers are reunited, it’s every man for himself. Finally, not really on the side of Nicolas, who forms with Frédéric and Quentin the alliance of “fantastic four”. It’s simple, the friends work in secret to go as far as possible in the adventure. And for that, All shots are allowed. Nicolas, for example, did not hesitate to break Frédéric’s arrow during the archery event, so that no one would suspect that he was in alliance with him. A strategy that works so farbut that may well end up having limitations.

In the episode broadcast on Tuesday May 16, it was therefore Esteban and Clémence who were eliminated from the adventure after a final duel. The pair thus joins the residence of the final jury, where Gilles, Helena and Anne-Sophie are waiting for them. And do not think that the adventurers eliminated can live as they wish! As they are still part of the adventure Koh Lanta, they have no right to their mobile phone. Result, boredom often invites itself under the Philippine sunas they explained to Puremedia.

No freedom for the members of the final jury

It’s very difficult for a hyper-active person like me. We had no television, no telephone… It was not the holidays! We were still in the game”, pointed out Helena. As the cameras are still present, the members of the final jury cannot do what they want. “We are not allowed to wear make-up or cut our hair. We can just wash and eat. Above all, we sleep, we take repeated naps, we rest, we talk among ourselves… It’s only about the game!”, insisted the adventurer.

Result, the adventurers do everything to keep busy. “We resumed the sport slowly, we eat… We think breakfast, we think snack, we think aperitif… We watch films that we are given. I drew, I kayaked, I ran with Anne-Sophie and Helena. It was my vacation in the Philippines. I wrote down my whole adventure to remember everything and read it to my wife later”, revealed Gilles. We are far from the holiday camp atmosphere!

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