New Ehpad Terrasses des Causses in Millau: the interim director responds to concerns

New Ehpad Terrasses des Causses in Millau: the interim director responds to concerns

The management of the new Ehpad de Millau sent a letter to the families of residents, this Friday, May 12, 2023, in an attempt to ease tensions.

The fears, she understands them. The rumors about the Ehpad that she is going to lead, she wants to put an end to them immediately. This is how we can summarize the position of Sabrina Beldoiantz, acting director of the new Ehpad Terrasses des Causses de Millau, which will welcome seniors from the Sainte-Anne, Saint-Côme and Ayrolle nursing homes, in three weeks. .

This Friday, May 12, 2023, the day after the last demonstration against the commissioning of the Ehpad, she sent a letter to the families of the residents. On this occasion, we made a point of making it react to the concerns which we had echoed.

Being surrounded by “familiar faces”

The number one fear is that, in addition to the move, the merger of the teams from the three retirement homes will confuse the elderly. “Caregivers will be distributed in each service in a balanced way, says Sabrina Beldoiantz. Thus, residents will always have a familiar face around them. And the most important thing for me is above all that they are faced with kind faces.

Impossible to stick perfectly to the layout of the old establishments: the number of beds per floor is not the same. The management also wanted to set up a “safe living unit” for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease. “On the other hand, we have made sure that residents who know each other are together”adds the interim director.

The families were also worried about the impossibility of bringing back personal furniture. “The Ehpad is a type U building, that is to say that it must meet fire standards, details Sabrina Beldoiantz. The furniture must therefore be fireproof. This is the reason why residents cannot bring back large furniture such as an armchair, a chair, a chest of drawers or a table. On the other hand, of course, they can come with trinkets, books… All their sentimental objects.

We don’t force residents

Finally, relatives were worried about not knowing how meal times would be organized. Everyone will be invited to dine together at 6:15 p.m. “In general, in nursing homes, dinner is a friendly moment that people expect”, notes the director. The snack will take place at 3:30 p.m. “I read that a person was afraid that his grandmother would be forced to take a nap, she continues. My God, we don’t force the residents!”

Sabrina Beldoiantz emphasizes her desire to bring a “individual support” as often as possible. “For example, if someone asks us to read the newspaper for 15 minutes every morning, we will do it, she explains. If a resident wants to eat fries once a month, we will arrange that too.”

“I can only understand the fears, she concludes. Even for you, moving is not trivial. So you imagine for the elderly… We will do what we can. And in any case, my door is open.”

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