Our 7 best easy and original recipes to make with eggs

Our 7 best easy and original recipes to make with eggs

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In addition to being a health asset high in proteinvitamins and minerals, theegg is a very good ally in the kitchen. It is prepared quickly, goes well with vegetables and starchy foods that allow you to concoct balanced dishes. It is not expensive and above all it appeals to everyone. But what to prepare easy and original with eggs? We offer you our 7 best recipes for you regale merely with eggs !

No more casserole eggs cooked in ramekins, especially since not everyone has ramekins at home. All you need is one little bread, and voila ! Here are the “egg boats” : This is’casserole eggs baked in buns, it’s an original “all-in-one” idea to enjoy as entrance or to serve for a brunch. Here is the recipe for Egg boat or egg casserole cooked in a bread.

Fancy a tasty and balanced complete dish ? Here is the vegetable tagine with eggs in this recipe: a dish inspired by “tchaktchouka”, a mixture of candied tomatoes and peppers with spices found in the Maghreb. We sublimate this tajine with eggswhich go very well with tomatoes and peppers.

Ideal for a brunchfor a meal on the goor for a entrance or for a gourmet dishthe scrambled eggs and salmon gravlax in this recipe are a refined dish which will be unanimous. Prepare the gravlax salmon a few days in advance. You can even prepare it well in advance, freeze it and thaw it on D-Day, where you will only have to prepare the scrambled eggs.

Are you in a hurry but you don’t want to deprive yourself of a good balanced dish? The noodles with soy sauce and soft-boiled egg in this recipe are what you need: it’s a nutritious, easy and quick dish to prepare. I’poched egg is the gourmet and protein touch to sublimate the noodles.

THE Mimosa eggs come back into fashion, they are perfect for the buffet of a dinner aperitifor to serve as entrance, served with a nice green salad. We love this version of deviled eggs, with tuna, spiced up with a hint of wasabi to awaken the taste buds. Here is the recipe for tuna and wasabi mimosa eggs.

For a bruncha gourmet starter or one original dish, here are our eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, in this recipe. It’s about a variant famous eggs Benedict, which cannot be missing in a New York brunch. This is a poached egg, placed on a toasted half-muffin, accompanied by Hollandaise sauce. In the classic recipe there is fried bacon. In our recipe, there is smoked salmon, healthier, and a touch of guacamole. It’s a delight !

There you go, now you won’t run out of inspiration with eggs, you’re going to enjoy it.

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