these recipes that marked episode 12!

these recipes that marked episode 12!

Top Chef’s recipes always stand out for their exceptional creativity: the proof with these high-flying culinary creations seen yesterday on M6! During the qualifying round with Jordi Roca, Hugo’s “Rien” recipe won. During the elimination challenge with Adrien Cachot, the street food box “Ni hao ni Chinetoque” by Sarika stood out thanks to its harmony of flavors and its clear message. Throwback to these two flagship recipes seen in episode 12 of Top Chef 2023!

The flagship recipes of episode 12 of Top Chef 2023


Top Chef 2023: the “Rien” plate, the surprise recipe signed Hugo

From the start of the Top Chef qualifying event, Hugo explains to Chef Etchebest that, at his grandmother’s, he sometimes used to turn his plate over at the end of the meal to eat cheese or dessert casually. .

The blue candidate therefore decides to pay homage to his grandmother with an empty plate… All his preparation is actually under the plate! Starting with sea ​​bass sashimi garnished with radishes, turnips, pickles of carrot, onion, tarragon, chives, shiso, all fixed with a smoked halibut jelly. His empty plate is also served with a glass containing gin diluted with water and tarragon.

But this recipe seen in Top Chef Wednesday, May 17, 2023 would be nothing without the incredible acting that accompanies it. Indeed, Hugo makes believe that he did not have time to finish his dish, and therefore serves an empty plate…

Everyone gets caught up in it, even Stéphane Rotenberg! Well done Hugo 😉

“Ni hao ni chinetoque” by Sarika, a harmonious recipe seen in Top Chef

During the elimination round, Sarika chooses to play on clichés to denounce racism against Asians. The young woman notably prepares foie gras molds in the shape of a dachshund: a very fragile preparation that she has a lot of trouble unmolding. Adrien Cachot gives him some tips for making his broth a success: “You need tension, something that hits a little”he assures her.

And in the end, the bet is successful. Adrien Cachot highlights the harmony of Sarika’s street food-inspired box, and especially its delicious broth. This committed and engaging recipe for the taste buds certainly hit the mark, during episode 12 of Top Chef 2023!

Photo credit: Julien THEUIL/M6

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