“We are close to the goal”, the brilliant revenge of Guardiola

“We are close to the goal”, the brilliant revenge of Guardiola

Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti. Panoramic

The manager of Manchester City savored the accomplished performance of the English club which will experience a new Champions League final, two years after the defeat against Chelsea.

In sport you obviously have another chance and when the draw came out Madrid I said: ‘Yes, I do’.“, said Guardiola after the one-way match won 4-0 against Real Madrid, defending champion swept this Wednesday in the semi-finals of the Champions League. A year ago, Real knocked out City 3-1 in extra time, 6-5 on aggregate after an extraordinary comeback late in the game. This time, the suspense did not exist.

City find themselves three wins away from a hat-trick, as they face Manchester United in the FA Cup final on June 3, and could win the Premier League on Saturday. “ We are close to the goal. This season is really very good, with what we have already done. With the fun, the joy, the way we have had fun this season, again and again, we make happy our fans who all over the world watch us and see a good team play. That’s the biggest compliment“Said Pep Guardiola at a press conference, in remarks reported by Reuters.

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Victory over Inter Milan in the Champions League final in Istanbul on June 10 would see the English club lift the only trophy Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Mansour bin-Zayed al-Nahyand has coveted since he bought City in 2008, having lost to Chelsea 1-0 at Porto two years ago in their only appearance in the final.

Pep Guardiola detailed on the microphone of BT Sports: “At home we feel incredibly comfortable in front of our audience. I had the feeling that we had to take a year of suffering after last year. It had been so painful, when people had criticized the lack of personality of the players. A year later, we show again how special this group of players is. But everyone in the organization is to be commended, from the president and owner to the lowest employee, everyone is working for a purpose. When you reach the Champions League final, you celebrate, but you don’t have much time because you have a chance to win the Premier League on Sunday, well, that’s a nice problem to have. Tomorrow (Thursday) we will have breakfast with all the families, a rest day and we will prepare for the match on Sunday.»

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