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3 aperitif sauces to pair with these 3 cocktails! 1001 cocktails…

When we prepare an aperitif, we like to vary the pleasures and offer gourmet bites to our guests. It is therefore impossible to miss the sauces that fill our palates with happiness… Guacamole, hummus, tzatziki, tuna-fresh cheese and much more! So let your crackers, your falafels, your pita breads or your raw vegetables soak in these delicious dips. However, to change classic tastes, the Atelier V brand revisits spreads. The particularity lies in the fact that these sauces are 100% vegetable based on legumes. Their new product the Ktipiti comes to enlarge the family of mezes composed of brocamole and taharama. We therefore invite you to discover these sauces in combination with cocktails for your summer aperitifs!

A spritz for vegetable ktipiti

It’s hard not to succumb to the vegetable ktipiti! Very greedy, it reminds us of Mediterranean flavors. Indeed, this sauce consists of red peppers, white beans, cashew nuts and mint. A creamy texture in the mouth, perfect for dipping falafels or a good pita bread. To accompany this dip, we thought of the classic Spritz recipe. This cocktail is made from aperol or campari, sparkling white wine and sparkling water. Its bitterness will mix with the sweet side of red peppers and cashew nuts for a perfect balance.


A caipirinha for the brocamole

How about replacing guacamole with brocamole? Just as good, this dip consists of only 2 ingredients, i.e. broccoli and white beans. Immerse your radishes, cherry tomatoes or cheese crackers in this sauce without hesitation. To give it even more character, we suggest you combine a very easy to make cocktail, the Caipirinha. To make this alcoholic drink, you need cachaça, lime and sugar. A combination that is both light and sweet.


A strawberry daiquiri for the taharama

The last meze is not the least, the taharama! Here, the brand revisits this sauce without fish eggs. This preparation is made from smoked white beans and dulse seaweed… Our mouths are already watering, are you too? To highlight the taste of the legume while giving pep to the food pairing, we offer you a daiquiri, also revisited, with strawberries. To do this, you must provide yourself with white rum, lemon juice, strawberry liqueur, sugar and strawberries. A mixture that is both original and pleasant!

Strawberry Daiquiri

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

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