It is not recommended to discard the whey from yogurts

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Do you have the habit, when you eat a yogurt, of throwing away the whey? What if it was a bad idea? We explain why.

It is one of the most consumed dairy products by the French. Whether it’s whole milk or low-fat, plain or fruit, yogurt takes pride of place in our refrigerators. We love it both for its flavor and nutritional benefits. Some systematically throw away whey on their plate when they remove the lid from their yoghurt. Error ! Because this little milk has everything to please.

Yogurt, a strictly regulated designation

The denomination ” yogurt (also called “yogurt” or “yogurt”) is highly regulated: it designates a fermented milk obtained by the action of 2 lactic ferments with somewhat barbaric names, streptococcus thermophilus and lactobacillus bulgaricus.
Only the products made from animal milk and inoculated with the 2 specific lactic ferments are entitled to the name “yoghurt”. Otherwise, it is fermented milk or “dairy preparation”. Ditto for products made with a vegetable drink (“soya milk” for example) which cannot be marketed under the name of “yogurt”.
To make it, the milk is first pasteurized and cooled to 43°C then inoculated with the ferments. The jars are then sealed and then steamed. Yogurt can be made with whole, semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, usually cow’sbut also sheep or goat.

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What is whey?

We have all noticed it, when you remove the lid from a yogurt, you see the presence of a slightly yellowish liquid on the surface. It is simply whey, also called whey. This whey is the translucent liquid part that remains after the coagulation of the milk.

Whey, a mine of benefits!

Good news, this little milk is packed with nutritional benefits ! We could even consider it as a super-food as its virtues are numerous, starting with its levels of proteins. Remember that these macro-nutrients composed of essential amino acids are essential for the general proper functioning of the body which does not know how to manufacture them.
Proteins are particularly responsible for the good health of muscle and bone tissue.
Another advantage of whey, its contribution in calciumthis mineral so important at any age of life, for the good health of bones and teeth: in children and teenagers, it promotes bone growth, in adults, it contributes to the maintenance of bone capital, and prevents osteoporosis.
But that’s not all ! Whey also provides group B vitaminsas well as potassium, and good bacteria, essential to the good health of our intestinal microbiota. In short, that’s good !

As you will have understood, you should not hesitate to drink this little milk. And if it puts you off a bit, just mix it with the rest of the yogurt.

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