Shot of ginger: what are its effects?  For whom is it contraindicated?

Shot of ginger: what are its effects? For whom is it contraindicated?

Appreciated for centuries for its health benefits, ginger is once again becoming trendy. The ready-to-use mini-bottle of ginger to drink is now paraded on the shelves of many stores. Is that a reason to sip it? What are its effects and above all, what are the contraindications?

Ginger shot: what is it?

No alcohol in these shots! The drink is pure concentrated ginger juiceobtained by extracting the juice from the rhizome (root) of fresh ginger.

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The natural recipe can vary, also combining other juices (lemon, apple, pineapple…) or ingredients and spices (acerola, honey, vanilla, pepper, turmeric…). The ginger shot is surfing on the fashionable trend of the immunity shot, a concept born across the Atlantic advocating a healthy, healthy and detox diet, based on concentrated superfoods that will give our body the beneficial boost it needs. .

Shot of ginger: watch out for sugar

“Juice shots are in fashion: be careful not to over-consume them! A healthy and seasonal diet is enough to provide us with vitamins and minerals,

We must remain vigilant with regard to the composition of these “ready to drink” shots, enriched with added sugars, which makes them too sweet. For the energy boost, the natural ginger shot, easily assimilated, is effective by moderating the doses and the frequency.

Shot of ginger: when to drink it?

“I recommend it punctually, at the rate of one intake per day (60 ml maximum) over 5 to 10 days. And never beyond 3 weeks to avoid addiction. Also note that ginger stimulates the adrenal glands, or , by boosting your body too much, you risk the opposite effect: exhausting it!” explains Julie Merle, dietician and micronutrition specialist for the Nutergia laboratory.

  • To consume in the morning or after lunch (never on an empty stomach), and to avoid in the evening because of its too stimulating effect.
  • Choose it pure and organic, cold pressed for its nutritional and taste values, without added sugar, preservatives or additives.

Shot of ginger: what contraindications?

Taking these ginger concentrates is not recommended for everyone. It is even contraindicated if:

  • You are on anticoagulants
  • You are pregnant
  • You are undergoing chemotherapy or you have a history of cancer

In video: the benefits of ginger

Two ideas to sublimate a shot of ginger

>> In golden latte: 40 ml of turmeric ginger shot poured into vegetable milk. I add ice cubes and mix.

>> In cold tea: for 1 l, 100 ml of ginger shot, ½ tsp. coffee honey, 2 infused black tea bags, lime juice, orange slices and ice cubes.

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