UFC Que Choisir unveils the best multicooker robots

Have you decided to treat yourself to a multicooker robot? Yes, but which one to buy? UFC Que Choisir magazine has just unveiled its list of the best devices. Follow the leader !

Very trendy, the multicooker invaded the shelves of appliance stores. It must be said that it makes life easier and saves precious time. Browning, roasting, browning or steaming, nothing scares it! Are you hesitating between Philips, Moulinex or Ninja? Do not panic ! UFC Que Choisir has tested several models for you and helps you make the right choice.

What is a Multicooker?

There is sometimes something to get lost between the different types of robots!
The ancestor of these devices is thepressure cooker, which cooks food “under pressure”, and greatly reduces cooking time. This is the famous pressure cooker!

THE multicooker it is based on the same principle: its tank resembles that of a pressure cooker but it offers several cooking methods, and knows how to steam, brown, brown, simmer or sear. Some also make it possible to prepare yogurts or cakes and have built-in automatic programs that allow you to follow a recipe step by step.

Not to be confused with the multifunction food processor, real cook. As its name suggests, it knows how to do everything, from soup to ice cream, including sauces, stews, yogurts or whipped cream! Most of these robots offer built-in recipes that you just have to follow step by step.

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The criteria used by UFC Que Choisir

To establish its ranking, Que Choisir tested several robots and selected 6 of them, which obtained a rating of between 12.2 and 15.8 out of 20.

Among the criteria used, cooking performance, ease of use, but also power consumption, and price. Because there is something for all budgets since the prices vary between 89 € and …. €600!

The least expensive multicooker in the test (The Turbo Cuisine from Moulinex) also stands out for its low energy consumption and is quite efficient in terms of cooking performance.
Some, on the other hand (Ninja Foodi Max or Cooking GRM3E from Cuisinart) suffer from poor results in terms of energy consumption. As for the Philips Air Cooker, while it displays very good cooking performance, it has the disadvantage of being quite energy-intensive and not very easy to use, all for a price well above the average.

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And the winner is…

If none of the devices presented is to be ruled out, 2 pressure cookers stand out (Moulinex Cookeo+150 recipes and Moulinex Cookeo Touch wifi), with respectively 15.8 and 15.4 out of 20.
THE Cookeo + stands out in particular for its ease of use (a wheel, a back button) but also by its low power consumption and his very good cooking performance, while remaining financially affordable (229 €).

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