Souvenirs de vacances sur la Nationale 7 de Paris à Menton en passant par le Loiret

Vacation memories on the Nationale 7 from Paris to Menton via the Loiret

Motorists drive straight on the D2007: the name given to the old National 7 in the east of Loiret. Between 3,000 and 10,000 vehicles, depending on the section, circulate in this way, every day, on its 73.1 km, of which 10 to 20% are heavy goods vehicles. And yet, this mythical road deserves to linger.

AT the occasion of the release, on May 17, 2023, of N7, the mythical holiday routea special issue of the Center France group, The Republic of the Center took the road, from north to south of the Loiret, and did not hesitate to take the side roads to discover the historical route: before the deviations, before the motorways, when tens of kilometers of traffic jams blocked the towns crossed, in the years 1950-1970… The remains are still present there.

A tourist walk that is both amusing and surprising, which you can also follow, step by step, thanks to a photo slideshow.

Wall frescoes, stone bollards, typical garages, emblematic hotels and restaurants, retouched signposts… These little treasures, which are gradually fading away, testify to a past that is still very much in people’s minds.

The history of Paris in Menton…

The special issue tells the genesis and history of the famous holiday route, from Paris (at the start) to Menton (its terminus) via the Loiret. It dwells on the memories, the remains, the emblematic buildings, the tourist places located nearby, presents the highlights and draws portraits of enthusiasts and companies who still keep the RN7 alive today.

All the departments crossed by the former national are the subject of articles.

… Passing through the Loiret

You will discover, in particular, concerning the Loiret:

  • The Notre-Dame-de-la-Route chapel with its old-fashioned charm.
  • The Old Star Garage and its lineup of superb vintage cars.
  • The RN7 radio which transmits positive energy via the web.
  • Le Relais du Miel, bar restaurant now closed but with an emblematic past.
  • The Brit hotel, located in the former service station of the Honey relay, which presents objects linked to the RN7, up to parking two cars in its breakfast room.
  • Le Bouchon de Briare, which revives the traffic jams of yesteryear.
  • Confusing miscellaneous facts such as this headless corpse found along the national or this strange affair of the AZF group which had used a telephone booth to blackmail theEtat…
  • The destruction of the plane trees which shaded travelers but proved fatal when leaving the road.
  • The D2007 today, with the return to slow travel (slow tourism).
  • Popular tourist sites located in the immediate vicinity of the D 2007.
  • An RN7 terminal, in lava stone, in a garden, in Briare.

Let’s bet that car fans won’t be the only ones to put the turbo to discover this road heritage and go and treat themselves to this special edition, between great stories and holiday memories.

On sale at newsstands
The special issue N7, the mythical holiday route, composed of 132 pages and presented in the format 22 X 28.6 cm, is on sale at a price of only 14.90 euros. It will be available for several months from newsagents and from The Republic of the Center (bakeries, food outlets, hypermarkets, etc.) as well as other departments of the Center France group. It is also possible to order it on the Center France group website:
Residents of the Loire wishing to buy a large number (more than twenty copies) can also send an email to [email protected]

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Anne-Marie Coursimault

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