6 surprising and practical things to do with ice cubes

Nothing better than a few ice cubes to refresh our drink! But, is that really the only use we can find for them…? Spoiler: no!

If you’ve had ice cubes lying around in your freezer for weeks, or want to find out new handy tips And amazing, You are in the right place. Not only are these little ice cubes accessible at your fingertips, but in addition, they do not cost a penny! Why deprive ourselves of the range of possibilities they offer us?

Even if, we admit, their main function is already enormous. Indeed, nothing is more satisfying than feeling your water or soda cool in just a few moments, when you only dream of a chilled glass ! By the way, speaking of that, we had already seen 5 ideas to change from a simple ice cube to water, you might also be interested.

In any case, while waiting for summer and being able to use ice cubes at will in our cocktails, we can always find themother utilities. If you don’t have any, just remember to put them in the freezer for about 3 hours before to use it. Let’s go !

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Remove fat from preparations

Place ice cubes in a metal ladle, once cooled, pass it over the surface of your stew or soup! You will see that the fat will solidify and stick to the wall of the ladle; a very easy way but above all efficient to remove it.

Relieve some everyday ailments

Relieving pain with cold has a name: cryotherapy. The latter will cause, locally, in the area where it is applied, a constriction of the blood vessels which will have the effect of blocking the inflammatory process of an injury.
So, do not hesitate to use ice cubes to relieve the small inconveniences of everyday life :

  • to remove a splinter painlessly
  • anesthetize your tongue and no longer smell the bad taste of a medicine
  • etc…

Check for power cuts while you are away

Place an ice cube in your freezer and if it has melted when you return, there has been a power outage which could jeopardize the good conservation of your food.
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Removing stuck-on chewing gum

Dried chewing gum stuck to carpet, hair or clothing is really not obvious to to withdraw… Except when they are previously frozen with an ice cube!

Make microwaved dishes less dry

Put an ice cube in your leftovers (for example a bowl of pasta) that have spent the night in the fridge, before putting them to reheat in the microwave. The ice cube will melt and come hydrate dried foods because of the refrigerator!
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Remove flattened areas of the mat

Your carpet has depressions in certain places ? Let a few ice cubes melt where needed, let it dry and you will see that it will resume its original form !

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