Ari Boulogne, the one who swore to be the son of Nico and Alain Delon, was found dead in Paris

Ari Boulogne, the one who swore to be the son of Nico and Alain Delon, was found dead in Paris

Ari Boulogne on the set of Everyone talks about it presented by Thierry Ardisson. Screenshot

The recognized son of Nico, singer of the group The Velvet Underground, was found dead in his Paris home. A woman was taken into custody for failing to assist a person in danger.

While the 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival has started for several days, each year parading the greatest actors of the cinema on the red carpet, the disappearance of Ari Boulogne, the unrecognized child of Alain Delon, causes the excitement. His body was found lifeless at his Parisian home in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, on the night of Friday to Saturday. A person, who claimed to be his companion, was placed in police custody for failing to assist a person in danger, said the Paris prosecutor’s office, confirming information from the Parisian. The investigation aims to “clarify the circumstances in which the death of the victim, who was hemiplegic”, and aged 60, could have occurred.

illegitimate son

Born in August 1962, Ari Boulogne, whose real name is Christian Boulogne, a photographer by profession, will have spent his life trying to prove that he was the son of Alain Delon and the German singer Nico. Although the resemblance between the two men is disconcerting, the glory of French cinema has always been denied. Alain Delon has however never denied having had a brief affair with the mother of Ari, nicknamed “the Garbo of punk”, top model, singer, actress and soon to be muse of the Velvet Underground.

Ari as a child was raised by the actor’s own mother. Cheetah, Edith Boulogne, whose name he bears and who officially adopted him with her husband. He had filed a request for recognition of paternity before the court of Orleans, but the French justice had declared itself incompetent because of the place of residence of the star, located in Switzerland. “The current procedure will stop and the file will be closed. Alain Delon had consistently challenged this paternity,” the actor’s lawyer, Me Christophe Ayela, told AFP.

love never forgets

Ari recounted his chaotic life, dominated by an absence, that of the father, in a book published in 2001, and baptized love never forgets. On this occasion, he had been received on the set of the program Tout le monde en parle, presented by Thierry Ardisson.

Drugs and “artistic magic”

Nico, his mother, got involved in the cinema of Andy Warhol or Philippe Garrel, making her son appear in several films. Singer on the first album of the American rock group The Velvet Underground released in 1967, she then led a solo career for twenty years. As a teenager, Ari had joined her on her tours and plunged with her into drugs and an “artistic fairyland”. After Nico’s death in 1988, Ari Boulogne had made several stays in a psychiatric hospital and rehab. He was the father of a son.

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