Cooking and cinema / Laurent Mariotte receives Alice Pol

Cooking and cinema / Laurent Mariotte receives Alice Pol

Laurent Mariotte
SEASON 2022 – 2023

Seasonal products and advice, Laurent Mariotte and his bon vivants are there to help you eat well and understand what we eat. This week, Laurent Mariotte is surrounded by Charlotte Langrand, whom you read in the Journal du Dimanche, and Olivier Poels, to be found in La revue du Vin de France. All three give you their tastes of the week: what culinary marked their week.

Cinema is in the spotlight this week, with the opening of the Cannes Film Festival. Stéphane Burgatt, correspondent in Marseille for Europe 1, came to meet you in Marseille to ask you what you ate in front of a good movie…

The file of the week is devoted to cooking and cinema. The Cannes Film Festival rolls out its red carpet, the Table des bons vivants rolls out the tablecloth to come back to the great table moments at the cinema. What are the most beautiful culinary scenes? Laurent Mariotte and his columnists Charlotte Langrand and Olivier Poels will award their prizes to the culinary moments they prefer. You will hear the actresses and actors who have declared their love of good food at the microphone of Europe 1: Lino Ventura, Catherine Frot, Jacques Weber, Grégory Gadebois or even Jeanne Moreau. Finally, we will ask ourselves: can we eat well at the cinema?

She comes from the world of cinema, Alice Pol is our guest this week. She is at our table for her first thriller: “Coup de pelle” published by Robert Laffont. She joins us to taste the dish of the day. This week, it is the chef Joffrey Bohaër of the Marseille restaurant Onassis, who realizes it. On the menu: fillet of sea bass, vanilla celery mousseline, peas, combawa olive oil. Onassis is a hidden restaurant, it is accessed through a back door in a fishmonger’s in the 7th arrondissement of Marseille. A single menu. The chef takes us on a cruise and offers 5 stopovers in port cities. The dish of the day is the stopover: Saint-Gilles. The recipe can be found on

At the end of the episode, Laurent Mariotte passes the actress Alice Pol on the Bons vivants grill. The author of “Coup de Pelle”, published by Robert Laffont, answers Laurent Mariotte’s questions so that we know her better on the other side of the fork. What is your childhood dish? What’s always in your fridge? What is your best meal? What is your worst meal? Who are your ideal dinner guests? What is your secret address? What is the word for hunger? Here are some of the questions asked by Laurent Mariotte.

Our guest: the actress Alice Pol

for his book “Coup de pelle”, a thriller published by Robert Laffont.

Tastes of the week

Laurent Mariotte : Regain restaurant in Marseille

Charlotte Langrand : restaurant Les Insolents in Uzès, in the Gard

Olivier Poels : asparagus – lemon risotto

Report of the week

Directed by Stéphane Burgatt in Marseille: What do you eat in front of a good movie?

File of the week

Cooking and cinema: the culinary golden palms of bon vivants; the actors declare their love of cooking on Europe 1; how to eat better at the cinema

Eat better at the cinema

Silence, it tickles!

The Food & Films of the collective Les Frousfrous de Lilith


> Charlotte Langrand : Crozets

> Ophelie Neiman : The Nature revolt at the cinema

The documentary La Révole Nature

The dish of the day

Filet of sea bass, vanilla celery mousseline, peas, combawa olive oil from Chef Joffrey Bohaer

Wine tasting

Pinot Noir from Alain Brumont from Château Montus: Bouscassé

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