How to eat Gorgonzola well?

How to eat Gorgonzola well?

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A delicious cheese with character

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It’s the blue-veined cheese the best known in Italy, appreciated for its characteristic taste and for the multiple possibilities it offers in the kitchen since it can be used for all kinds of recipes, hot Or cold. Gorgonzola is protected by a PDO (DOP in Italian) and a Consortium, which guarantee its quality.

How to taste Gorgonzola?

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Like Gorgonzola it is a food “alive“, in continual maturation, it is advisable to buy it in small quantities, so as not to risk that it evolves too long in your refrigerator.
We take the Gorgonzola out of the fridge once half hour before to taste it, so that its texture, smoothness and flavor can be best expressed.

There crust Gorgonzola is exposed to the environment during the ripening period of the cheese, so it could be contaminated with bacteria. That’s why she do not eat. So always remove the rind before tasting the Gorgonzola or using it for cooking.

Gorgonzola is eaten plain, on a cheese platter, sometimes combined with mascarpone to soften the flavor. It goes well with nutTHE roasted hazelnutsTHE pistachiosTHE Red grapeTHE pears and the strawberries.
For a tasting of this cheese as it is, you can therefore prepare pretty platters by combining the Gorgonzola with these dried fruits and fresh fruits, depending on the season. But as the Gorgonzola melts well, while remaining creamy and delicious, it is also perfect for cooking.

What to cook with Gorgonzola?

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You can use Gorgonzola for hot recipes Or cold, depending on the season and desires. For hot preparations, Gorgonzola is perfect to melt to accompany the polenta, as they traditionally do in northern Italy. It is used to garnish a 4-cheese pizza, or a more original pizza, such as the white pizza with gorgonzola PDO, zucchini and arugula in this recipe.
Gorgonzola is also ideal for all your gratins pasta and potatoes.

You can garnish with salted crepes with Gorgonzola, prepare a good risotto with Gorgonzola, or use it to stuff cannelloni, such as the cannelloni with ricotta, gorgonzola PDO and ham in this recipe. Very good with sweet potatoes, you can make this veggie tart with gorgonzola AOP and hazelnuts. Slip a few cubes of Gorgonzola into a pumpkin soupjust before serving, and your velouté will be tastier and smoother, thanks to the Gorgonzola.

Gorgonzola is also perfect for preparing creamy and gourmet sauces to season pasta or some gnocchisuch as our gnocchi with PDO gorgonzola and grilled pistachios, or the gnocchetti with aromatic herbs, PDO gorgonzola sauce and asparagus in this recipe.

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If you like red meat, Gorgonzola is perfect for dressing grilled rump steak or a chopped steak.

You can use Gorgonzola to stuff and give a runny heart to different preparations, such as rice arancini or the chicken meatballs stuffed with gorgonzola PDO in this recipe.

And we can even prepare a dessert with Gorgonzola, like our roasted peaches with honey, gorgonzola PDO and pine nuts.

For some cold recipesGorgonzola is ideal for toasts and prepared saladssuch as the bruschetta with gorgonzola PDO, Parma ham, grilled hazelnuts and arugula in this recipe, or the early spring salad with gorgonzola PDO in this other recipe.

Depending on the season, Gorgonzola can be combined with vegetables, such as, for example, celeryTHE pumpkinthere beetTHE peppersTHE tomatoes and the zucchini. It also goes well with fruit, like the classics pears where the figsand also with more unusual fruits to pair with cheese, such as Kiwi and the strawberries.

What wine to serve with Gorgonzola?

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Riddled with mold that goes wonderfully with sweet wines, you can serve Gorgonzola with sweet white winessuch as Monbazillac, Jurançon or Sauternes.

It is also perfect with Alsatian Rieslingsoft or dry, and with Pinot Gris.

If you like contrasts, do not hesitate to serve Gorgonzola with Prosecco. Its fine bubbles will balance the creaminess of the cheese at the time of tasting by bringing freshness.

For red, the Gorgonzola likes structured wines. Red wines from Piedmont, such as Barolo or Barbaresco, are very suitable, as are wines from Bordeaux.

For the contrast side, a sweet wine like Banyuls will refresh your palate.

And the beer?

Beer also goes wonderfully with Gorgonzola. THE trappist beers belgians are perfect with Spicy Gorgonzolawhile a blond beer will be ideal with Mild Gorgonzola.

How to store Gorgonzola at home?

The Gorgonzola can be preserved at the bottom of the refrigerator. To prevent its strong smell from filling your refrigerator, remove the rind from the Gorgonzola, wrap it in cling film and close it in an airtight container before storing it in a cool place.

Bon appetite!

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