The 5 best supermarket pizzas according to Yuka

The 5 best supermarket pizzas according to Yuka

Yuka has become a go-to tool for food-conscious consumers. The application allows the barcodes of products to be scanned and provides an assessment of their nutritional quality, as well as detailed information on their composition.

Concerning the pizza, Yuka analyzes the ingredients present in the products and assigns a score based on several criteria, such as the presence of controversial additives, the quality of the raw materials and the content of essential nutrients.

The food industry offers a wide range of pizzas in the supermarkets, but not all are equal in terms of quality. Here are some essential criteria to take into account to recognize a good industrial pizza :

  • Composition of ingredients : a good pizza must be made from quality ingredients, in particular avoiding additives and preservatives that are harmful to health.

  • Origin of ingredients : prefer pizzas made from ingredients of natural origin and from organic farming, preferably local.

  • Fat and sugar content : opt for pizzas with a moderate content of fat and added sugars, in order to preserve your health.

  • Nutritional balance : a good industrial pizza must offer a balance between the different nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids) to guarantee a balanced meal.

The 5 best pizzas according to Yuka

If you’re looking for a delicious pizza for dinner, and you don’t have the courage to prepare a homemade pizza, know that the following are the best, depending on the application. All you have to do is make your choice. Good news, there are healthy and vegetarian pizzas as well as meat pizzas, to satisfy all gourmets.

  • Marvelous thin crust pizza with tuna, from the Turini brand, landmark brand signed E.Leclerc, no additives: 90/100
  • Pizza with grilled vegetables, Carrefour bio, no additives: 88/100
  • Pizza cooked over a wood fire, organic, with grilled vegetables, brand Trattoria Alfredo, Lidl, no additives: 88/100
  • Royal pizza, organic, Fiorini brand, Intermarch√©, no additives: 88/100
  • Thin crust pizza over a wood fire margherita, Les P’tits chefs du bio, no additives: 88/100

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