Trois jours intenses de rando

Three intense days of hiking

Tourisme Pays de Cayres Pradelles has proposed a beautiful hiking circuit in the Ardèche. When leaving for Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid, it was not hot. After the arrival of the two participants from Clermont who were “a bit overwhelmed”, Jean-Claude took charge of the luggage. Given the volume, some seemed to be leaving for a long stay…

A bit of fresh wind greeted the warm-up as far as Saint-André en Vivarais and Devesset, the paths skirting beautiful forests and the sun starting to heat up. Marie-Thé decided to pass on the right bank of the lake because the next day, the bypass was planned by the other side. The landing point took place in Mesfraîches, a beautiful property located in a green setting.

The start of the second stage was done by strolling along the lake: very relaxing but we had to lengthen the pace. The lunch break was scheduled at Rochepaule. Nadine took over from Jean-Claude at the wheel and the rest of the team started off again for another 14 km. Passages of streams, isolated but well restored houses and a beautiful landscape, always. In the distance, Lalouvesc was discovered but the last kilometer seemed two or three.

At the hotel, the room of 3 e floor was allocated to the youngest, the elders stopping at 1 er . Welcome, the dinner took place in a good mood. At 8 o’clock, after breakfast, a short visit to the church was a must: a remarkable building, testimony to the passage of Saint-Régis.

The hikers left Lalouvesc for their 3 e stage, shorter than the day before but 19 km all the same. After a few long forest crossings, the tables and benches of Saint-Pierre sur Doux welcomed walkers for a lunch break in the sun. How much did they have left? 12km. So everyone left, following a pleasant path but downhill, then uphill… Despite everything, the troop is making good progress, the bags being lighter.

Finally, the bell tower of Saint-Bonnet le Froid was seen, pointing on the horizon. Putting bags and big shoes in the cars, the walkers approached a small café terrace: the final happiness of this beautiful journey of 60 km.

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