Visit the splendours of the Republic with your smartphone in Rambouillet

Visit the splendours of the Republic with your smartphone in Rambouillet

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Discover the backstage of the G6 and G7 in front of the identically reconstructed table of the dinner of heads of state in Rambouillet (Yvelines).
Discover the backstage of the G6 and G7 in front of the identically reconstructed table of the dinner of heads of state in Rambouillet (Yvelines). (©78news)

This is the novelty of the season at the Château de Rambouillet: a application specially designed for the Château de Rambouillet: The President arrives.

plugged in, sound smart phone in hand and headphones in their ears, the visitor is immediately taken in hand by the alert voice of the team leader ready to welcome a distinguished guest and the Head of State.

“It’s the excitement at the castle”

“It’s the excitement, the president arrives. We need your experience to prepare everything! », launches the voice which puts the visitor directly in the shoes of a member of the presidential protocol.

A game in which you are the hero

“Like the games where you are the hero,” says a participant. You have to go through stages from room to room, from the courtyard of the castle to the room where the Heads of State met during the G6 and G7.

Because everything has been finely crafted. The CMN (Centre des monuments nationaux) called on specialists to create a unique tool that has nothing to do with a classic audio guide:

“This sound journey is a national first for the CMN. We have brought together technical needs and innovation, calling on young companies, to create a completely innovative and very immersive product, specific for the Château de Rambouillet”,

Amandine Boccaccini, Head of incubator digital strategy at CMN

The Château de Rambouillet has entrusted its stories to the Demute company, which specializes in sounds for video games!

“I did the script. It was necessary to find a balance between fiction and clear historical information around the Presidents of the Republic and to create mental images.

Videos: currently on Actu

A sound engineer, a mixer, a designer also intervened and an actor”, explains the representative of the Belgian company Demute, Ambre Ciselet.

A video game start-up called upon

The other challenge was to overcome the technical constraints. The castle has thick walls and the connections go badly.

Also, another start-up has designed a specific application which first leads visitors to connect to the castle’s internal network.

As soon as you enter, you scan the access to the Wifi terminal then the application opens with beautiful drawings recounting the splendor of presidential ceremonies.

The Mandela Chirac meeting

Alongside the team leader, the visitor experiences the mounting pressure and the concern for perfection before welcoming a Head of State.

“I would see flowers in the salon of the Méridien, and you? “, asks us the app.

With his helmet, we follow the course, from the apartments in a row, to the council room to the office of the president, then to the boudoir of the countess of Toulouse, where Nelson Mandela And Jacques Chirac met in 1996.

Behind the scenes at the Heads of State meal

In the dining room, the visitor is then immersed in the delights of the meals of heads of state and the care with which the table is set. You can almost smell the sautéed veal cork that was served on November 15, 1975 during the G6!

Questions are there to make the course totally immersive:

“And you, what games would you have installed in the marble hall? Billiards? Some bowling pins ? »

The goal of the game is to have real content and to have a family experience,”

Anne Claire SaunierResponsible for educational actions at the castle

Céline, Sébastien, Emma and Lucas came as a family from Perray:

“It makes a change from visiting other castles. It’s fun and we are left with the memory of all the anecdotes told, ”says Emma.

“I often come to the castle and I like to photograph its gardens, there I learned again, especially about the history of the furniture and the woodwork”, adds Philippe.

A free application to download at the entrance to the castle.

Castle hours
From 1er April to September 30: 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Price: €7.50.

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