Le bagel viral de la friteuse à air de Tiktok est un doux cauchemar

Tiktok’s viral air fryer bagel is a sweet nightmare

Cream cheese + honey + sugar = waaaaaaay too sweet. When all else fails, here’s my favorite breakfast: a fried egg, nestled in a warm corn tortilla, topped with hot sauce. I like a salty and spicy breakfast. TikTok’s viral air fryer bagel recipe, meanwhile, is about as far from my ideal breakfast as it…

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Le hack de pizza tortilla de la friteuse à air de TikTok est une nourriture ivre parfaite

TikTok’s air fryer tortilla pizza hack is perfect drunk food

Perfect and easy food after a long night. My college days are long gone. And they’ve never really been this crazy to begin with. But remember you were young: you stayed up late, you probably ate three too many, you are hungry but you are able to prepare only the most basic foods. If you’re…

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Voici la recette classique de pancakes prêts en 10 minutes grâce à une friteuse à air !

Here is the classic recipe for pancakes ready in 10 minutes thanks to an air fryer!

See See no more the table of contents The recipe for making pancakes is a classic in the kitchen. This dish can be combined with syrup or sweet ingredients. By using an air fryer, it is also possible to make their preparation faster. Let’s move on to the next steps! Pancakes: An easy recipe to…

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