A fine for the French who picnic in this town, "I don't understand anything"

A fine for the French who picnic in this town, “I don’t understand anything”

The picnic, a french tradition well anchored, constitutes an essential element of holidays or weekends. Whether with family or friends, lunch in outdoors represents a privileged moment of the day. Over the years, the picnic has evolved, with the emergence of original recipes, sometimes developed by chefs, as well as the use of elegant accessories…

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Les Coréens ne veulent plus manger avec leurs collègues de travail

Koreans don’t want to eat with their co-workers anymore

Koreans no longer want to have lunch with their colleagues, according to a report published last month. According to a report by the Korea Institute of Public Administration on the values ​​and organizational innovation of civil servants by generation, generation MZ — Korean term for millennials and generation Z, or people born approximately between 1981…

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Recette d'été : Ce plat est idéal pour les soirs où vous n'avez pas envie de cuisiner !

This very easy to prepare dish is perfect for evenings when you don’t feel like cooking!

See See no more the table of contents Do you know the “one pot pasta” recipe? We would like to know your impression after having tasted this extraordinary dish. If you enjoyed this one, we’re sure that this time, you’re going to enjoy this new find that we’re going to offer you now! For the…

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3 tips for giving flavor to strawberries that don’t have any

What’s next after this ad Strawberries are a deliciously sweet fruit, but unfortunately not all have the same flavor. Take full advantage of these fruits with our 3 practical tips to enhance their taste. Strawberries are a delicious red fruit that can be enjoyed alone or added to a variety of recipes. However, they can…

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