Here’s what we should all do after we finish eating!

We don’t think enough about doing this simple thing, which should be systematic, after our meals. This is obviously the digestive walk! If you knew all the benefits it can bring you, you probably wouldn’t neglect it so often… Recently, we saw why you shouldn’t sleep right after a meal and why you shouldn’t eat…

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Here’s how to make the famous crinkle filo cake, TikTok’s star dessert!

What’s next after this ad Star of TikTok, the crinkle filo cake is popular at the moment. This dessert with filo sheets is inspired by oriental pastries. If you want to make it at home, here is our simple and gourmet recipe! If you are on TikTok, you must have seen it pass. Very tendency…

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Diet: here's what to eat every night to lose belly fat

Diet: here’s what to eat every night to lose belly fat

To lose belly fat, paying attention to your diet is one of the key factors. If the meals of the day are important, the evening meal deserves special attention to facilitate digestion and avoid the accumulation of fat. Whether for health reasons or to feel better about themselves, many people decide to go on a…

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